Workshops & Retreats

I run workshops and retreats to reconnect you with the systms of nature that you are part  of.   To inspire that motivation for change and to  bring women together who care about people and planet.  

I help to build connections and create space for collaboration. Working together in a space that  allows us to be open and authentic enables us to set our ego aside with kindness and compassion so that we can thrive.

Upcoming workshops and Retreats

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grow in nature

Grow In Nature Retreats

A 1 day intensive life coaching, Paddleboarding, wild swimming and nature connection retreat

We know that  you want to  make a difference, because we do too ~ we know that fear and doubt hold us back because we experience it too!  These retreats are for the YOU that works on your business to reframe those fears and limiting beliefs and step into limitless potential.

Exclusive retreats for women who want to make a difference for people and planet. Created and facilitated by Clare Osborn and SUP & Soul founder Camilla Todd.

We know that  you want to make a difference, because we do too ~ we know that fear and doubt

Are you ready to say yes to a day for you to reconnect with your passion and purpose?

Can you imagine?:

  • Turning off your phone and indulging in a day of self care
  • Feeling inspired and motivated to move your business forward
  • Being in tune with your deepest desires and needs
  • Relaxing in nature, feeling the calm effects of blue space
  • Connecting with like minded souls, learning something new and indulging in yummy food
  • Learning new things, experiencing new adventures and growing outside of your comfort zone.

Past events

blue health coach clare
wisdom of water workshop

Hosted by Brighton Natural Health Centre

The last few years have been incredible as the world is starting to wake up! As we scramble to cater for all the emerging needs of the planet, or grasp the anxiety of ‘not enough time’ many of us are feeling this shift at a deep emotional level.

In this talk I discuss how Blue Space can make you happier and healthier and inspire actions for our Blue Planet.

This talk is now available to watch on YouTube

This talk was offered completely free and is part of BNHC community programme, along with weekly low-cost or by donation classes and a number of outreach projects in Brighton & Hove but if you would like to make a donation you can do so here:

Collaborative learning & connections

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I run workshops and retreats to create a safe space for learning and development.  This means that my clients can see that others have the same struggles as them, helping to validate their own experience.   We are social beings after all and connecting with others helps us to regulate our nervous system and makes us feel good. My workshops and retreats are designed to make you feel supported, to share ideas and to self reflect.

It’s really helpful when people ask questions as others may be thinking the same thing but may not have the confidence enough to ask.   At the same time, something may come up that is very personal to you and you may not wish to share publicly.  There is no obligation to do so and I am always available to be contacted privately in those circumstances. My workshops are designed to be engaging and fun and I invite you to attend with curiosity and an open mind.

I’ve been a wellbeing and sports therapist for over 20 years and I’m happy to refer my clients to Clare. I’ve attended many of Clare’s workshops and I always come away feeling grounded, supported and inspired.
Her passion both for coaching and for the environment is evident in all of her work.
During the pandemic Clare’s workshops have been a caring oasis of calm as well as providing actionable information that I’ve incorporated into my own daily practices.


Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson Therapies

I’ve attended a group session with Clare and found it so helpful. The meditation practice she did with us was really calming. She taught us how to create our very own implementation intention and the mindful breathing exercise I took away from it has become a daily morning routine now. It sets me up for the day and I feel a positive shift within myself. Thank you 🙏


Kirsten Devine

Devine Tours Scotland

I had Clare come into my membership as an Expert speaker to talk about Creating Mindful Habits and the session was amazing. As someone who practices meditation, I still learned some great tips and deepened the reason why I want to become a person that meditates. Clare is so knowledgeable and covers the topic from such a great perspective. Her 4 rules of behaviour change made it really easy to understand how to add deeper practices into my days. Thank you so much Clare, it was a pleasure having you in my group.

Jacky Clarke

Clarke Learning

Clare (along with Claire Potter) developed a day full of motivating and inspiring talks; hands-on team-building activities; thought-provoking materials, resources and ideas for over 60 secondary school students and 20 graduates and staff. They concluded the day by organising a fun-filled silent disco beach clean, which the students and adults alike, thoroughly enjoyed. A huge thank you to Clare for such a fantastic day-long programme of learning and being inspired! I highly recommend her for any environmental school programmes or corporate team building events

Kirsten Mckenzie

KBR, One Ocean Curriculum

ready to create a life that works for you and the planet?