Be the change you want to see

I know that we can change the world and it is people like you that are going to make the difference.  We create the most impact when we are aligned with ourselves authentically, with boundaries in tact and our energy filled up.  As a sustainability and wellbeing coach I support leaders and trailblazers to do just that.

One day or day one… you decide!

The ecopreneur’s coach

coach for ecopreneurs


You want to be part of the solutions but fear, self doubt, overwhelm, anxiety is preventing you from thriving.  You may have an idea or have already launched your business and are struggling to level up and get out of your own way.  Procrastination, imposter syndrome, lack of confidence… whatever it is I have been there and I am now determined to support you so that you can be the change you want to see in the world.

Balancing taking care of you and creating effective change for society and the environment requires skill and I am here to help you find the tools that you need.

Since working with my own coaches I changed career, left an unhappy marriage and have gone on to work on some incredible projects with inspiring sustainability experts and adventurers.  I have run sustainability workshops with global brands, talked about sustainability at festivals and schools and set up my own business. I now want to share what I have learnt along the way.

Get clear on what you want to accomplish

Overcome fear, avoidance & self doubt

Set realistic goals and plans to achieve them

Make your life & business more sustainable

Locate resources and build connections

Stay true to yourself. Authenticity & purpose

blue health coaching

blue health coach clare

Have you ever looked at a beach or a tow path and thought it looks pristine, only to find rubbish on closer inspection?  If you think of your life or your business in this way – what are you not seeing at first glance? What are you overlooking altogether?

Getting outside and into a water environment takes you out of the normal coaching setting, gives you a different perspective so you can see the things you normally miss.  Many studies have now proven that time around water helps you to feel calmer and more creative.  We harness this to give you fresh insights, to explore how you are showing up in the world and to shift old patterns that may be holding you back.

I see clients on the beach in Brighton and Hove by appointment.  These sessions are usually preceeded  by a session on zoom as an introduction and set up of what to expect. I will also be offering coaching and paddleboarding from July.

wild swimming

I’ve been coaching with Clare for just over a month now and every session has given me a new insight into the thoughts/feelings/assumptions that hold me back from playing big. We’ve had beach sessions, zoom sessions and even a water and SUP session. I love how Clare brings water and nature into her coaching, helping me to connect in with the cycles of life.

I had a real “aha” moment with an IEMT session  which was completely unexpected and something I struggle to explain to others but I’ve noticed a big difference in my behavior as a result which has in fact positively impacted my working life and my ability and attitude toward running my side business. I feel so much more empowered and capable than I did two months ago.

Clare has a genuine ability to question what comes up with kindness but still challenging me to stretch further, she is also able to quickly adapt the session and find the right tool or technique based on what comes up which is so helpful because I don’t always know immediately what I need or want to focus on in each session but her caring style helps us find the thing and then work on that.
I get so much from coaching, it unlocks so much and I truly believe everyone can benefit from it…Clare is especially great if you’re working in the ecopreneur and sustainability space and she is a fountain of knowledge which has helped my business with discovering new paths. So excited for what comes next ss a result!
Thank you Clare for being simply awesome.


Camilla Todd

Sup & Soul

Clare is fantstic.  She put me immediately at ease during my first NLP session with her, and she always came back to me where I was at.  

We worked on a number of blockages and perceived issues I was experiencing, and it became clear the anser had been within me all along.  Clare helped me shine a light on that and what truly matters and gave me some valuable tools to keep practicing. 

I’d recommend Clare to anyone, regardless of where you find yourself right now.  But particularly if you are experiencing blocks or upsets of any kind.

Sophie Turton

The Joyful

Leaving the corporate world behind and working more independently can be a daunting process.  Clare was able to help me to better understand the way my brain is conditioned to work.  We explored how I manage / mismanaged my time and using some simple tools, I am now able to achieve both work tasks and personal goals in a more peaceful manner.  Thank you Clare, it’s been such a transformation and I really look forward to working with you again.

Abi Kidd

Freelance Conservation Consultant

Clare has helped me and I really recommend her.  She has a huge toolkit to use and she calmly uses what’s needed.  I have been coached by her online and on the beach in Brighton.  It doesnt matter where you are.  I have had 1:1 coaching and attended her mindfulness groups.  I wholehartedly recommend her.

Chloe also left me a video testimonial after our first session that you can watch here.

Chloe Bullock

Materialise, Vegan Interior Design

Frequently Asked Questions

Please reach out if the answer you seek is not here. No question is silly or too small to reach out to ask.  I aim to serve you and to support you and your questions help me to do that. My email and mobile are at the top of the page. 

How are the sessions delivered?

Sessions are usually 90 minutes and are delivered either on Zoom or in person in nature as a ‘walk and talk’.  When you sign up for a package of sessions, this will also include tasks between sessions and support via WhatsApp

I work collaboratively with you to identify what might be holding you back so you can see the potential beyond.  You choose the intention for each discussion, usually something that you want to explore about yourself, in relation to your goals.

My role is to deeply listen to you, reflect what I’m hearing and ask questions that will create new thinking for you. I will also be your accountability buddy to help you stay on track with your commitments.


I have never had coaching before, is it for me?

Do you want to make positive changes in your life & business?  Are ready to put in the work to make that happen? – then YES! 100% coaching is for you.

If your life and business were to remain exactly as it is today in 5 years would you be happy? If not then know that you will stay there until YOU change something!

how many sessions will I need?

Everyone is different and so are the goals and blocks that you bring to the table.  Having said that, there are certainly themes that are common with many of my clients.  I usually find that long lasting change happens when I work with  clients over 6 to 12 week programmes.  

If there is just one specific issue that you need support with short term then I find 3 sessions is usually suffiicient. 

will coaching fix my problem?

My role as a coach is to empower you to find solutions and to see new possibilities. I listen, reflect and ask you powerful questions to guide your journey. If you show up with curiosity and do the work then the potential is limitless.

As I have tools beyond coaching, I can also help you to facilitate deep change work, to reframe limiting beliefs and to shift into a mindset for success.

How much does it cost?

My current packages are as follows:

Toe In The Water £120

1 x 90 minutes

Deep Dive £150

1 x 2 hour session

Grow and Flow £350

3 x 90 min either weekly or fortnightly to get unstuck and find flow

Create Waves  £600

6 x 90 min either weekly or fortnightly, including worksheets and whatsapp support to clear blocks, set goals and create longer lasting change.

Surfing the Waves 12 week programme £950

10 x 90 minute sessions over 12 weeks with worksheets and whatsapp support between sessions.  This is ideal for long term shifts and for support growing a particular project. I find that clients who go through my 12 week programme create massive change and go on to create even more meaningful impact in their lives and beyond.

Doing Good Discount

I never want finances to get in the way of your mission to create sustainable change in the world.  With that in mind, if these prices are out of reach then please apply for my ‘Doing Good Discount’.

Simply contact me to tell me the positive impact you intend to create to the planet and society and why you can’t afford the full rates.  

Money Back Guarantee

I never want you to leave unhappy or feeling like you didnt receive good value.  With that in mind, should you be unhappy with the service I delivered please apply for a full refund.

How does your loyalty programme work?

Once you have been a client of mine for a 3 session package and above then you qualify for my loyalty programme.  This means that when you refer a friend to me, and they sign up for a package of 3 sessions or more, you get a bonus 60 minute coaching call for FREE! This is to represent my gratitude to you for spreading the love and supporting my mission.

ready to create a life you love?