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Don’t take our word for it… here are some comments from our previous clients.

Feedback from our previous coaching clients:

Clare is fantastic.  She put me immediately at ease during my first NLP session with her, and she always came back to me where I was at.

We worked on a number of blockages and perceived issues I was experiencing, and it became clear the answer had been within me all along.  Clare helped me shine a light on that and what truly matters and gave me some valuable tools to keep practicing.

I'd recommend Clare to anyone, regardless of where you find yourself right now.  But particularly if you are experiencing blocks or upsets of any kind.

Sophie Turton

The Joyful

Clare has helped me and I really recommend her.  She has a huge toolkit to use and she calmly uses what's needed.  I have been coached by her online and on the beach in Brighton.  It doesnt matter where you are.  I have had 1:1 coaching and attended her mindfulness groups.  I wholehartedly recommend her. 

Chloe also left me a video testimonial after our first session that you can watch here.

Chloe Bullock

Materialise, Vegan Interior Design

Leaving the corporate world behind and working more independently can be a daunting process.  Clare was able to help me to better understand the way my brain is conditioned to work.  We explored how I manage / mismanaged my time and using some simple tools, I am now able to achieve both work tasks and personal goals in a more peaceful manner.  Thank you Clare, it's been such a transformation and I really look forward to working with you again.

Abi Kidd

Freelance Conservation Consultant

I’ve been coaching with Clare for just over a month now and every session has given me a new insight into the thoughts/feelings/assumptions that hold me back from playing big. We’ve had beach sessions, zoom sessions and even a water and SUP session. I love how Clare brings water and nature into her coaching, helping me to connect in with the cycles of life.
I had a real “aha” moment with an IEMT session  which was completely unexpected and something I struggle to explain to others but I’ve noticed a big difference in my behavior as a result which has in fact positively impacted my working life and my ability and attitude toward running my side business. I feel so much more empowered and capable than I did two months ago.
Clare has a genuine ability to question what comes up with kindness but still challenging me to stretch further, she is also able to quickly adapt the session and find the right tool or technique based on what comes up which is so helpful because I don’t always know immediately what I need or want to focus on in each session but her caring style helps us find the thing and then work on that.
I get so much from coaching, it unlocks so much and I truly believe everyone can benefit from it…Clare is especially great if you’re working in the ecopreneur and sustainability space and she is a fountain of knowledge which has helped my business with discovering new paths. So excited for what comes next ss a result!
Thank you Clare for being simply awesome.
Camilla Todd

Founder, SUP & Soul

A year ago, mindfulness was not something I was aware of, let alone practiced. I attended a workshop that Clare did online and decided to learn more through a discovery call. I wasn’t really sure what to expect and after a chat about what I am struggling with and an overview of past events, Clare was able to identify and summarise that there is a running theme of loss in my life and that it actually impacts on my daily life. Just hearing this and knowing that there was something that we could do together to make a difference opened the floodgates. But, after that first chat I actually felt excited to get started on the work, even though I knew it would be difficult; it was a commitment I needed to make to myself. Clare ticks all the right boxes by being professional, calm, intuitive, knowledgeable…etc. But it is her compassion that really shines through. She genuinely cares about the people she works with and the outcomes they are striving for. Clare has taught me so many tools that I now use outside of the sessions to continue the work. The difference Clare has made in my life is immeasurable and far reaching. Thank you for everything you do!

Jenni Weaver

Origin Fine Foods

I have had a wonderful few sessions with Clare, her care and visual practices has been an amazing help in identifying and clarifying my anxiety of fears. With her nature elements and down to earth visual guidance has shifted my mindset not only in my thoughts but also in my actions instantly.

Clare’s clear elements of connection with nature has helped me connect with my own spiritual nature and love within me. I highly recommend a coaching session with Clare for a wonderful experience and bliss.

Guzen Tuna

Guzen Design

Despite being a total beginner and somewhat skeptical to mindful practice, Clare has introduced me to transformational ways of being well and challenged my outdated narrative. Clare always seems one step ahead, offering gentle guidance and prompts in an eloquent manner, to enable me to take a journey of learning and discovery in groundedness and inner peace, without judgement. On occasions where I did not perform the meditation I set out to do, Clare reminded me to be kind to myself and realign my goals to something I could achieve.
Clare is intuitive to each individual, person- centred and has helped me manage my high levels of anxiety. Clare has also helped me find a new appreciation for life and all the beauty that surrounds me every day. If you want to reconnect to Life, find inner calm, or whatever you may need, I highly recommend Clare to help you on your journey.
Thank you, Clare!
Emma Brown


Clare is a very grounded knowledgeable compassionate therapist. She took me through some parts of my past I had not been able to process at the time, and helped me to gather a new helpful perspective into my present life. Clare is doing magical healing work, and I couldn’t recommend her enough. x

Gemma Williams

Yoga Mentor, Gem Yoga

Clare brings the beautiful aspects of nature into her sessions enabling a feeling of connectedness that makes you feel whole.  Clare clearly explains the steps to apply these practices and tools every day in an easy accessible way. 

Jo Godden

Founder, Ruby Moon Gym to Swim

Working with Clare was a brilliant experience.  Warm and personable, she will instantly put you at ease before surprising you with her spot-on insights.  I’d never had IEMT before, but was blown away by how quickly the process literally drains away emotion from painful memories, leaving you free to get on with your life.  Clare has a whole toolkit of skills at her disposal, meaning she has everything she needs to help you get to where you want to be.  I would heartily recommend her.



I needed coaching through my feelings of fear around starting my own business.  I have been having wobbles every few days.  Fear has been a really big mental block for me.

After my session with Clare I feel like a new person.  She really helped me to dig deep to find out what the fear actually is.  Clare has helped me to identify behaviour patterns that are hindering me and has shown me how to work on these to be able to feel better and move forward.  Clare went above and beyond my expectations and I highly recommend her as a coach.

Ashley Ellis

Fashion Designer , Sand & sage