Eco~Wellness for your Organisation

We use our adventures and experiences to inspire conversations about what is possible.

Why should you be embracing eco-wellbeing?

An eco~well team is one that puts people and planet up there alongside profit (triple bottom line). It is a holistic approach that aims to reduce greenwashing and find practices that are inspired by nature and that authentically work for you and  your team.



Eco~Wellness is good for business

Research shows for every £1 you spend on wellbeing interventions gives you £5 back in reduced absence, presenteeism and staff turnover.


Your clients demand eco~wellness  

75% of adults in Britain are worried about the impact of climate change91% millennials would switch brands to one associated with a cause.


New recruits demand eco~wellness

A Study found that new recruits want to work for organisations that care about wider issues than just profit, including the wellbeing of its employees and the planet.

How can we help you achieve eco~wellness for your team?

We curate bespoke away days and workshop series both online and in person taking a holistic approach to the needs of your team and business.  We love to take teams into nature, in to woodland or to the beach as getting out of your ‘normal’ work environment instantly helps you to gain a fresh perspective.  Some  ideas of what we can offer:

Team away day

  • Reconnect your team in nature
  • Team building activities around a theme of ocean adventure
  • Add paddle boarding or maybe a beach clean
  • Learn some tools for stress management to take away
  • Learn about eco~actions your team can make and a strategy for implementation

For a bespoke quote please complete the enquiry form at the bottom of the page.

eco~Wellbeing Programme

Delivered online, these usually run for 6-12 weeks and can include:

  • Stress management  & mental health strategies using tried and tested methodologies.
  • Creating an eco~well physical environment at work or in  your  home office.
  • Coaching eco~anxiety, setting goals for climate solutions and holding conversations to shift from despair and denial into meaningful eco~action.

For a bespoke quote please complete the  enquiry form at the  bottom of the page.

book  clare to talk at  your  event

We use our adventures and experiences to inspire conversations about what is possible.  Clare is an  excellent communicator and has  spoken at a variety of events, festivals and in schools.  Her passion for ocean conservation, simple actions for a better planet and wellness via nature connection are inspiring and empowering.

Clare is available to talk about the simple steps that you can take to bring more eco-wellbeing into your team, business or school. Combining her training in coaching and mindfulness, nature facilitation and her personal experience in ocean conservation to inspire action. Get in touch below for a bespoke quote.

Our Previous Clients:

Clare came to support our Recycle Week campaign at Quorn Foods by hosting a lunchtime workshop – sharing her amazing experiences, plus facts & figures about ocean plastics – drivers, impacts, solutions. All incredibly eye opening, fascinating and always focussing on the positives rather than feeling like a lecture or telling off. Fully recommend – thank you Clare, you truly are an inspiration!”.

Louise Needham

Sustainability , Quorn Foods

Clare certainly did not talk rubbish when she was a panelist at KBR’s One Ocean school session ‘Ask the Experts’. Year 8 and 9 students from three Leatherhead schools running the One Ocean programme, fired questions at a dynamic panel of six ocean pollution advocates. Clare shared her first hand experience in ocean conservation and kept the audience fully engaged recounting her experiences during her Paddle Cleanup campaigns through England and her current work on waterway and ocean cleanups. Mostly, the students went away empowered to make their own wave of change having heard Clare’s motivational discussions and advice on doing our part to help the ocean, the environment and ultimately, ourselves.

Kirsten McKenzie

Sustainability, Kellog Brown & Root

Clare helped a team from SSE Enterprise Utilities pick up rubbish on Shoreham Beach.

She gave us some top tips, helped us with safety and inspired us to put our back into it. It has changed a lot of attitudes at SSE and we are planning a couple more rubbish collecting events now across GB. Really inspirational!

Well done Clare and many thanks for your help!

Neil Turner

SSE Enterprise Utilities

I had Clare come into my membership as an Expert speaker to talk about Creating Mindful Habits and the session was amazing. As someone who practices meditation, I still learned some great tips and deepened the reason why I want to become a person that meditates. Clare is so knowledgeable and covers the topic from such a great perspective. Her 4 rules of behaviour change made it really easy to understand how to add deeper practices into my days. Thank you so much Clare, it was a pleasure having you in my group.

Jacky Clark

Clark Learning

We recently held our annual Lower Sixth Form Networking Dinner, where we invited local professionals across a plethora of industries to talk to our girls about their chosen careers and the opportunities available to them. This year we had the privilege of having Clare as our guest speaker. She spoke about her life journey from a Lawyer to a now Environmentalist, Paddler and Wellness Advocate. Clare was extremely insightful and spoke to the girls in a way that grabbed their attention and made them think about the decision that they will soon need to make when entering the world after Sixth Form. We would like to thank Clare for donating her time and inspiring our girls to think outside of the box.

Burgess Hill School For Girls

Clare came to Malago WI to tell us about her amazing kayaking trips, the huge problem of plastic pollution and how we could all do our bit to help. It was a truly inspiring evening with lots of great ideas for us all to try. We all went home promising ourselves that we’d do more to reduce our plastic waste (but not beat ourselves up for the occasional transgression).

Malago WI, Bristol

Clare both gave a keynote address and ran a workshop at the National Sea Scout Leaders Conference, which had volunteers from across the UK attending. She was engaging, confident and a pleasure to work with. The materials, tone and message were all appropriate to volunteers and she has sparked a fair amount of interest. Thanks Clare for a real help in making this an issue we can make a difference on

Richard Hunt

Sea Scount Conference Organiser, National Sea Scouts

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Past speaking events:

  • Yes Stories
  • National Sea Scout Conference
  • Malago WI
  • KBR Engineering One Ocean Panel with Emily Penn
  • Yestival Adventure Festival
  • Quorn Foods
  • SSE Enterprise Utilities
  • Burgess Hill School For Girls
  • Brighton Climate Action Base Camp


  • DV8 College Brighton
  • Tomorrow’s Women Conference
  • KBR One Ocean Team Building Adventure day (An event facilitated by Clare)
  • Clarke Learning ‘Blueprint to Business’ (Online)
  • Inspiring Talks Brighton (online)
  • Guest Speaker Brighton Natural Health Centre (online)
  • Various SUP & Soul Retreats 2021
  • A Mind For Adventure Podcast
  • The Living Project Podcast
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