ocean conservation

We are inspired and driven by a passion to connect people with nature so that they want to  do their bit to protect it.

Our Ocean

We forget that we are made up of the same atoms as the oceans and the trees. Indeed 80% of the oxygen in the air we breathe is provided by our Ocean and so the health of our waterways is imperative for our own wellbeing and is not an optional extra.

I used to think that the global issues facing our  wild spaces are for someone else to fix and definately too big for me to influence.  But then I learnt about the ripple effect and well frankly ~ if not now, when and if not you, who?


Thriving You

You cannot pour from an empty cup. Eco-Wellbeing starts at home with you , your environment and the choices you make.By understanding our part in the ecosystem of our Planet we can find inspiration and motivation. Learn more about our Soul Coaching or our Paddleboard lessons if you want to create more eco-wellness in your life.


Thriving People

We ALL need water, we are 60% water, our brains are 80% water and our planet is 70% water.  It is easy to feel powerless in the face of climate change, pollution and inequality but as the quote by Margaret Mead says ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has.’ The great news is that changes for the planet are also good for us


Thriving Ocean

Research suggests that time in nature comes with substantial benefits for our wellbeing. Including: improved mood and reduced depression; increased focus; reduced hostility; increased liveliness; boost in immune function; reduced blood pressure and pulse rate; reductions in cortisol, one of your primary stress hormones; and decrease in stress system activity. We cant think of a better reason to protect its future!

What can you do to support our Ocean:


Rivers are the arteries of our blue planet but they are continually treated like open sewers. Only 14% meet good ecological status and 75% pose a serious risk to human health.

Join Surfers Against Sewage for a Million Mile river clean and brand audit on the 11th June 2022 from 9-12 meeting at Barcombe Mills. In collaboration with British Canoeing and their Paddle Cleanup Week.
The rivers get polluted with plastic as much as the sea and it’s an opportunity to help out and collect what we can.  4 paddle boards will be available to hire for a £15 donation to SAS each. These must be booked in advance.
All paddlers must be able to stand up / paddle for 3 hours and self rescue and have a minimum of 4h paddle experience.
It’s not guided and so participating is at your own risk. You are more than welcome to bring your own kayak, canoe or SUP.
Please bring snacks and drinks. And when you arrive you’ll be required to sign a waiver form to participate.

Our Partners and Projects:

Surfers Against Sewage

Surfers Against Sewage

Regional Representative

Despite the Blue Planet Effect and lots of talk and promises from Government, there has to date been little real action. I am super excited to join SAS, the organisation that is at the heart of policy change for the Ocean in the UK at  what  is a crucial time for our planet.  I’m determined to make a real difference for our local Rivers and to breathe fresh life into the Plastic Free Communities campaign.  2022 will be a super year of activism.  Reach out to find out how to get involved.

Paddle Cleanup

Paddle Cleanup

British Canoeing Women's Ambassador / Conservation Lead

After running the conservation and outreach efforts for 3 groundbreaking paddle expeditions (Width of Britain, Length of Wales and Scottish Summer Isles), I was comissioned to create a toolkit for British Canoeing to empower paddlers nationwide to clean up the water ways. Click the G+ for the toolkit.

Oceans 8 Brighton

Oceans 8 Brighton

Heist team member

Oceans 8 Brighton is a co-operative consultancy partnership of Brighton and Hove based women who are leading the way for ocean plastic solutions.  We have over 100 years of experience in waste solutions and were responsible for the huge beach clean after Brighton Pride in 2019.

Incredible Oceans / Whalefest

Incredible Oceans / Whalefest

Corporate Partnerships / Plastic Campaigns

A creative and ‘outside-the-box’ thinking organisation that matches science, entertainment, art and social science to make marine issues vibrant and accessible. Our Ocean is well-studied and facing many threats; yet less than 1-in-5 UK children have ever been to the coast. Incredible Oceans believe that if people know the ocean they will care more about taking action.

Our Impact:

We want to create measurabale impact on our oceans and climate and are currently working out what that looks like. For now, our founder Clare is focussed on her role as a Surfers Against Sewage Regional Representative.  However this isn’t enough for us in the long run.  We are investigating our options and please know that in the interim, your support and suggestions are appreciated.  We are committed to becoming a triple bottom line business, with people and planet being equally if not more important than profit.  At the same time, Clare has now worked for 5 years on projects with minimal pay and is now dedicated to creating a business that is sustainable for her and creates positive change beyond.

What else can you do?

Top Tips on Sustainable Adventures

How to adventure with less wasteAdventures bring us back into connection with nature and hopefully inspire us to do  our bit to protect it.  But how can you be more mindful when chosing how to explore and what can you do to have more sustainable advenures? As for...

Imperfect Actions are Better than None

The feelings of shame and guilt around impossible ideals of perfection form the basis of our fears. By owning our shadows we take the power away from them and allowing us to move into the light and show up in a state of flow rather than stagnation. When we understand that no-one is perfect we can see that imperfect actions are better than none!

What is an Ecopreneur?

“No ‘one’ can do everything but every ‘one’ can do something.” (Sylvia Earle) All entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and businesses small and large could become ecopreneurs. But what is an ecopreneur, why adopt a ‘triple bottom line’ strategy and how can you become an eco business?

Recharge and reconnect through nature

As in the words of Jacques Cousteau “We only protect what we love, we only love what we understand, and we only understand what we are taught.” Nature teaches us everything we need to know, as long as we pause long enough to hear the advice.

Implement Eco~Wellness for your team