What is wild ocean soul?

Founded by Clare Osborn, we are a community of like minded souls brought together with the intention of creating a space of belonging and resources to lift those who want more meaning and adventure from life.  If you want to live a life that works with nature while giving back to people and planet then you are in the right place.

It doesn’t matter where you are in life right now ~ change is always possible. 

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Clare’s Journey

I was a successful lawyer who appeared to be ‘doing well’ but behind the mask, I wasn’t feeling fulfilled and was suffering with low self-esteem, stress and depression. Come the weekend, I would binge drink and over-eat in attempt to numb the negative thoughts and emotions. Which of course only caused me to feel even worse about myself.

I knew I wanted to do more meaningful work but I felt trapped in my profession with no idea how to get out.  I started volunteering in my spare time but the problems felt too big and I had no idea where to start or if my actions would make a difference.

Then my mum became seriously ill and I had a stark reminder of how short and precious our time is on this planet.  Some months later and to my huge relief and gratitude to NHS staff my Mum recovered but trauma of the experience was a forceful wake up call. I realised ‘things have got to change’ and for things to change, I must change.’ 

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Personal Growth

With the help of a therapist, and several coaches – I took a long, hard look at my life and how I got to the place in was in. I made it my ultimate goal to do and be better, to understand myself, to take full responsibility for the way I was being and to face the pain I was trying to block out.

I have experienced first hand the powerful benefits and internal shifts of coaching and nature connection and how it can accelerate you towards an awesome life.  Adventures show us we can  grow beyond our perceived limits and that’s exactly what I want for you too.

Change the Story

I used to look at people who inspire me and think ‘I could never be like that’, I had zero confidence and felt ‘broken’.  I have come to learn that those people dont have a magic superhero gene, they are no different to me and I can absolutely achieve ‘awesome’ if I put my mind to it.  

I grew up with a belief ‘I am not sporty’ but have paddled the width of Britain, length of Wales, remote Scotland and Arctic Norway.  These narratives that I told myself were just stories and we can change them! 

Imposter syndrome, the comparison trap, perfectionism – these are all good friends of mine too.  Seriously, if I can do it then you can too!  

My Credentials:

  • Blue Health Coach (connecting you with wild water spaces and the wellbeing benefits liquid language and time around water)
  • Climate Change Coach
  • NLP Coach & Master Practitioner
  • Advanced Integral Eye Movement Therapist
  • Mindfulness Coach & Leader
  • Nature Facilitator (Change In Nature)
  • ASI Level 2 Paddle Boarding Instructor
  • Ocean Conservation Projects
  • Spent 15 years in the Legal profession then pivoted to align with my values
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Regulated by and accredited with:
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ready for more awesome?

We offer 1:1 coaching, wild retreats and experiences and have a signature group coaching programme and community.  To  learn more navigate via the links above or please get in touch!