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Clare’s Journey

After working in the legal profession for 15 years, I realised my real passion was environmental impact – specifically ocean conservation. I left my job and immersed myself in the world of ocean and climate advocacy, working with individuals and organisations who wanted to be part of the solution to our ocean and climate crisis.

As well as educating people and empowering them with the knowledge they need to make a difference, I also support them to navigate eco-anxiety – shifting feelings of scarcity and overwhelm, powerfully managing their anger and grief, and identifying the vital self-care they need to keep taking action.

Personal Growth

I’m certified in various forms of coaching, which has been crucial in my own journey as an ocean advocate and agent of positive change. The holistic knowledge I’ve gained enables me to support my clients and colleagues with empathy, understanding and deep connection.

Paddlesports have also been part of my personal journey. Connecting with nature enables creativity, balance and wellbeing and blue spaces can enhance this. I use paddle sports to help connect others to the natural world in order to inspire change within and without.

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