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Hi, I’m Clare, Paddle Board Instructor, Blue Health & Ecopreneur’s Coach and a Nature Facilitator.

I work with those who want to make a difference for people & planet. By reconnecting you with nature and filling your cup first we can create positve change inside and out.

Covid, the Climate Crisis and Ocean Pollution are all adding to the stress of our overstimulated modern lives.

Change often seems to big or too out of reach and it will do unless and until we can all create some inner resillience.  Nature heals us  and nature needs us now.

I work with clients who care, who want to create impact but also need some ‘me time’ to nurture yourself and reconnect with your soul energy. Then, and only then, can  we create ripples of positive change in our inner and outer worlds. 

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one life One Life

Life is short – so live it!  If you are living in ‘one day‘ mentality, know that you will stay there until YOU CHANGE something! I was stuck for years, limited by my own stories of lack. Change was forced upon me by a major traumatic event and I flipped the story from ‘one day’ to ‘day one’. I don’t want you to have to experience something similar to motivate you to change.  I am here to empower you to create that dream life today!


one planet One Planet

We can change the world!  It is easy to feel powerless in the face of climate change, pollution and inequality but as the quote by Margaret Mead says ‘Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed individuals can change the world. In fact, it’s the only thing that ever has. The great news is that changes for the planet are also good for us. I am here to support you on that journey, it is about progress over perfect, flexibility and finding bespoke solutions that work for you.


one you One You

You cannot pour from an empty cup.   Self love and Self care is not selfish, instead it creates space to enable you to give more. I believe that by reconnecting with nature, with ourselves and our personal power we can find our true purpose and use that passion to drive positive change. I struggle with behaviours and habits daily but so do you and that is why I want to invite you on my journey of discovery.

Ready to create a life you love?

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Group Coaching

Revive, Reconnect and Rewild - A Field Guide To Conscious Living

An 8 week personal growth community taking inspiration from nature’s cycles, to create a life full of soulful adventure and meaningful impact without stress or sacrifice.


1:1 Coaching

Life is short so I am on a mission to support  you to live a life less ordinary.  To create a life and business you love and that creates positive impact inside and out.

I am here to help you to see beyond the fears, perfectionism and imposter syndromee to the ecopreneurial potential beyond.


paddle board lessons weir wood

Paddle Boarding Lessons

Lessons will resume in 2022 via SUP & Soul

As a blue health coach I am a huge advocate of spending time in nature for both your wellbeing and that of the planet.  I am an experienced paddle adventurer and Women's Ambassador for British Canoeing despite only taking up paddle sports in my 40s! If I can - so can you!

rewilding retreats

Rewilding Retreats

Created and facilitated by Clare Osborn and Camilla Todd and delivered in partnership with SUP & Soul.

Grow in Nature retreats for female founders, Water and Wellness Retreats, Befriending Winter Fire Circles ~ events for you, your business, your team and beyond.  Some with life and business coaching and all powered by nature.

Tools for less stress and more soul

What is an Ecopreneur?

What is an Ecopreneur?

“No ‘one’ can do everything but every ‘one’ can do something.” (Sylvia Earle) All entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and businesses small and large could become ecopreneurs. But what is an ecopreneur, why adopt a ‘triple bottom line’ strategy and how can you become an eco business?

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Top Tips on Sustainable Adventures

Top Tips on Sustainable Adventures

How to adventure with less wasteAdventures bring us back into connection with nature and hopefully inspire us to do  our bit to protect it.  But how can you be more mindful when chosing how to explore and what can you do to have more sustainable advenures? As for...

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Imperfect Actions are Better than None

Imperfect Actions are Better than None

The feelings of shame and guilt around impossible ideals of perfection form the basis of our fears. By owning our shadows we take the power away from them and allowing us to move into the light and show up in a state of flow rather than stagnation. When we understand that no-one is perfect we can see that imperfect actions are better than none!

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